6 Ways to Step Up Your Salesforce LinkedIn Profile

Posted by Sarah Bratman on Dec 6, 2016 10:02:00 AM



As a Salesforce Administrator you have years of experience, technical skills and certifications. All of those accomplishments are already on your résumé, so why do you also need to put them on LinkedIn?


LinkedIn is social -- it makes you (and your Salesforce career) visible to the world. Whether you’re applying for your next job or connecting with other Salesforce professionals, your LinkedIn profile is their first introduction to your Salesforce career. Even when not actively looking for a job, it is good to keep your LinkedIn up-to-date.

 A few additions to your profile can go a long way in making a great first impression. Here are 6 ways you can strengthen your LinkedIn footprint.  


  1. Include a summary. Your summary is one of the first things on your profile, so take advantage of the space. Include information that people won’t find anywhere else on your profile. Focus on “why you got into the industry, what you love about it, and what kind of professional you are.” This is also a great place to add a touch of personality.

  2. Update job descriptions. Make sure your job descriptions show off experience gained at a particular job, the instance size you worked on, and what AppExchange products you used.

  1. Add Salesforce Skills. Technical skills highlight your specialization. Start with Salesforce (you’d be surprised how many SFDC people don’t have Salesforce as a skill!). If you’re a developer, make sure to include your languages (SQL, Apex, Visualforce, etc).

  1. List certifications. Certifications are your Salesforce credentials, so it’s important to put them on your profile. Trailhead Badges and Superbadges are also a great addition, since Trailhead is becoming more and more important in the SFDC ecosystem.

  1. Show off projects. Salesforce Administrators are often doing additional projects for their instances. This could mean new apps, integrations, training events, or new capabilities. Include your successful projects on LinkedIn in business terms.

  1. Ask for recommendations. Recommendations are special to your profile because they answer the question “what is it like to be connected with this person?” Try not to have repeated information from your job descriptions. Instead, recommendations should tell a story about your best Salesforce achievements. Try to diversify your recommendation sources to highlight different professional skills; a recommendation from the Salesforce team demonstrates your technical expertise, while one from the sales or marketing team shows off your business value.

If you’re missing any of these 6 components, it’s time to hop on LinkedIn and boost your profile!


Now that you’re a LinkedIn all-star, it will be easier to make lasting connections. Keep sharing your Salesforce accomplishments with your network by updating your profile.


Think you have a great LinkedIn profile? OR have a sparse profile and want a little help improving it? We’d love to feature you on our blog. Shoot us an email at info@forceowl.com to let us know.

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