Hiring? Start With Salesforce Match

Posted by Will Lutz on Sep 27, 2016 10:08:00 AM


Hiring a Junior Administrator is about more than Salesforce Match, but it is a great first step.

We talk about Salesforce Match . . . a lot

Around the ForceOwl office, we talk about Salesforce Match a ton. Don’t know what I mean? Salesforce Match is the when an existing team looks at their implementation stack and determines if a candidate for hiring has matching skills.

  • We use DocuSign integration; she has used DocuSign integrations before!
  • We use Sales Cloud a lot; she knows Sales Cloud!
  • We have 140 users on our license; she has worked on 200+ licenses before.
  • We need an Advanced Administrator certification: she has an Advanced Administrator certification!

We tackle the Salesforce Match problem

Aligning Salesforce Match is going to be a vital part of your hiring process. That’s why we spend a lot of time tackling it with the ForceOwl App. Salesforce has it’s own language, own certifications, and own experience path for professionals; this means hiring for a role requires finding a candidate with the right “Salesforce resume.”

ForceOwl puts that information front and center. We don’t care where a candidate went to college or even if they went to college, but we do care what Trailhead badges they’ve earned and what Certifications they maintain.

Using an app like ForceOwl gets this critical first step out of the way. Your time as the hiring manager should be spent on finding a candidate with the right cultural fit and all the other traits required for your organization’s continued success. That means you can focus on the type of stuff that get’s asked in interviews. In fact, we believe you can skip right to an interview if you use ForceOwl to find a candidate.

Salesforce Match is not the whole picture

For a junior or Tier 1 Administrator, Salesforce Match is a big part of the puzzle, but not the whole picture. We have seen hiring managers get too caught up in finding the right skills match that the other much-needed traits get looked over. Those skills are the kind of things that can make or break a new hire’s success in their new role.

As a hiring manager, you need a candidate who can help drive the business forward, and show commitment to the goals of your company. Enthusiasm and drive can go a long way . . . once you have that pesky Match figured out.

Check out our app, we’ll get Salesforce Match figured out for you.

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