Salesforce Match: AppExchange Experience

Posted by Will Lutz on Nov 8, 2016 9:33:00 AM


I have yet to run into a Salesforce instance that doesn’t use at least one AppExchange product to get done what they need to get done. What is great about Salesforce is also what’s frustrating about hiring for it; it is incredibly customizable.

Find Someone Who Matches Your AppExchange "Profile" - Salesforce Match

The first step when looking for a new hire is to put together the basic requirements you need in a hire. While you definitely need instance size experience, certifications, and trailhead badges - we believe the most important piece is a candidate’s AppExchange exposure.

This matching of technical skills is a concept we call Salesforce Match. Vetting technical basics should be the first step in the hiring process and it’s a big part of why ForceOwl does what it does.

It's Hard to Learn

A Junior Admin keeping up-to-date on Salesforce’s general knowledge can be difficult, keeping up with AppExchange knowledge is even more so. We have seen a lot of people glean most of their knowledge about given AppExchange products from when the integration was for the first time. It’s just easier to learn when everyone around you is learning it as well.

While it isn’t true for every AppExchange product, learning deployment, implementation, and customization for a suite of customized products is both difficult and time consuming. It is much easier to hire a candidate who is already familiar with what you have deployed.

AppExchange Is Where Your Salesforce Instance Creates Value

Remember, there is a good reason that you invested in that AppExchange product. It creates a huge chunk of the value that your instance supports. Any old database could be used to track sales, but it is Salesforce’s open development policies that facilitate the AppExchange store, and a ton of customizable value.

How does this affect hiring? When adding someone to your team, don’t you want them to be knowledgeable about the tools that create the most value for the company? Isn’t that why you’re hiring them to begin with?

Final Note: Think About Growth

Hopefully your business is growing. Success breeds growth, and that means your instance size will be growing as well. Take a moment to think not only about the add-ons and customizations that you use now, but also what you may want to bring online in the future.

If you’re going to be adding a new customization or integration in the near future, wouldn’t it be great if your new hire already knew how to use it?

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